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Aug 19, 2015
Is Acceptance The Answer To All Your Problems?
If you believe happiness only comes in acceptance you might be right.
After all everybody who is born longs to be popular and we set out as
soon as we can talk trying to find acceptance and then popularity.

Off we go to school thinking of all the new friends we will meet and we
work on making friends more then we work on our school work.
Literally it means everything in the world to us.  All we want is a friend
and to be accepted.

Some people are good at getting accepted and some are not.
Which one are you?  It really does not matter either you are or
you are not.  And everybody is one or the other.  Either way you are
not alone there are many more just the same as you. 

But what happens when you are not acceptable?

Well that is the hard part.  How are you to know that sooner or later
you will find a friend who will accept you.  That some day you will
get married to a lovely person and your children will all accept you.

Unless of course you don't...

Who can really ever know.  That's why we cannot depend on finding
acceptance for our happiness or as a way to solve all of our problems.

Earthly friendships can easily come and go and life is full of twists and
turns.  Don't depend on it, it will let you down.  Even if you are one of
the acceptable ones.  Mark my word.

On the other hand there is a friend for all who will never let you down
and who thinks more of you then you ever imagined.  It doesn't
matter if you are acceptable or not.

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Posted at 06:08 pm by ckoch


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